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Titi Hailu FF+E Design Consultant

Titi is your girl for all things interior design. Graduating from SCAD in 2016 with a degree in Interior Design, she went on to become an Area Concept Designer for Interface, where she used her skills to support the sales team with her design-led tactics. 

As an FF+E Design Consultant, Titi uses her keen eye for design to pick out the best pieces in order to bring every client’s design vision to life. Titi is so talented in that she has the ability transform any space and make people feel something when they walk into a room. She puts this passion for interior design into every project, and it shows.

In her free time, Titi loves exploring both Atlanta and new cities around the world. When she’s not in the office, chances are she’s exploring the beaches and streets of a foreign country, from Mexico to Cuba to Vietnam- you name it!



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