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Hayley Pernsteiner Director of Design + Procurement, Co-Founder

Hayley’s passion for interior design and connecting with people is undeniable – it’s contagious and inspires her clients and coworkers. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, she began her career in the luxury hospitality industry with Hirsch Bedner Associates and also gained valuable experience across multiple sectors, including multi-family design, while with Cortland Partners. Her ability to see the potential in a space and how all of the pieces come together to achieve a goal is incredible. Just as important, she has the leadership skills and technical expertise to bring that vision to life.

After joining DRG in 2019, she tapped into her high-level design background to introduce unique hospitality brands and vendors to the dealership while also providing a design service to her clients that was unmatched. Her efforts were instrumental in launching Collective by DRG, a boutique furniture purchasing and procurement studio.

One thing that makes Hayley exceptional is that her energy and enthusiasm aren’t limited to her career. It’s how she approaches life itself. Hayley is also an artist, part-time real estate investor, and an adventure enthusiast. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, and kayaking. She is even working on her pilot’s license in hot air ballooning!


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